The delights of having a disabled parking permit.

One of my pet hates is people parking in disabled spots when they are not entitled to use them.

Usually the excuse is “But no-one was using it”.

I put up with this ignorant behaviour while No 1 Son was growing up. We had the necessary permit and he really, really needed disabled parking.

I am still totally flummoxed by the way too many people rush to defend parking in these places. I’ve even had people get aggro (not with me) because someone with a disabled permit was parked in a “normal” spot, obviously because they could not find a disabled spot.

Yesterday Michael Pascoe tweeted this –

Someone criticised Pascoe and those who agreed with him that this behaviour was despicable for daring to “pile onto” this ignorant person, saying the staffer was “only” 21 and deserved some understanding. I replied that age is no excuse for ignorance. This morning I discovered two responses to my tweet, one demanding to know if I have children and one demanding to know if I have a disability and a sticker.

FFS! What business of theirs is it if I have kids or a permit? Ignorance and bad behaviour should be called out no matter what age the offender may be.

I have a disabled adult child who recently had to deal with his own able-bodied manager parking in a disabled spot at the local TAFE. I do have a disability, but I don’t have a permit because I don’t really need it. I’m supposed to walk, the exercise is good for me.

I sometimes come across people who just cannot understand why people with disabilities need special parking spots.

A few years ago, on a now defunct forum, I came across someone whining about a person with a disabled permit parking in a “normal” spot. This fool said something like “How dare they take up a spot I could have used”.

Me! Me! Me!

The disabled person would not have been able to find a disabled spot, possibly because not enough are provided, or maybe because some ignorant, able-bodied knob had parked in the last free one.

We need to learn to be more considerate of people with disabilities, we should not be attacking those who defend them.


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