Twitter Myths

Latest Twitter myth –

Hillsong is getting government funding.

No, not true, not yet, anyway but who knows what FauxMo might decide to give them.

It started when someone posted a link to an article from 2005 which reported grants given to Hillsong over five years, from 1999.

That part was true, but now everyone believes it is still going on..

Here’s one of many articles from that time outlining what had happened –

Church blessed by liberal handout

A year later there was this- about the misuse of grants intended for indigenous purposes.
Church’s benevolent arm stripped of grant

Apparently the grants kept flowing until Labor got into government Then all funding and programs involving grants to Hillsong were stopped.

An annual report from 2010 includes a financial statement that shows no income from grants – not that it’s worth much, as financial reports go, but it’s about all that is required for any charity.

Click to access Hillsong-Annual-Report-2010.pdf

Now I’m having an argument with someone who insists he’s right and the government is still funding Hillsong, he posts links to ancient articles from 2005 and insists they are made today.

People believe what they choose to believe. You just can’t change minds, no matter how much information, how many facts you give them


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