Work in progress

I am more and more amazed at how little Australians know about our system of government.

Today’s ignorance seems to centre on demands for the GG to “do something” to get rid of the government, and on the assumption blocking supply will fix everything.

First – the GG has no power to dissolve a government. He or she cannot terminate a government because he or she thinks it would be a good idea. There are laws and a Constitution to be obeyed. The GG can dismiss a PM if he/she has been acting unlawfully, or if he/she loses the confidence of the parliament.

To get rid of the current mob will take a successful motion of no confidence in the House of Representatives, and even then the GG may decide to just wait until the election, seeing as it is so close.

If FauxMo was to lose a confidence vote and refused to resign the GG could dismiss him. The Libs could then choose another leader and carry on.

Blocking supply – this has never been done federally in this country. Not even by the Fraser opposition. What they did in 1975 was faff around with the Senate refusing to pass appropriations bills until the Whitlam government caved in to their demands and called an election. The votes were never taken, so technically “supply” was never actually blocked. The Senate voted in favour of the Appropriations Bills immediately after Fraser had taken over as caretaker PM on 11 December and once assent had been obtained parliament was dissolved.

Blocking supply is not going to work right now. The 2018/2019 budget has almost run its course. There’s nothing to block now. When the new budget is handed down in April both houses will probably pass some appropriations bills to allow the country to keep functioning until after the election, when an incoming new government will have budget changes to introduce.

What matters right now is confidence. The government could lose a vote some time this week. That loss could bring on a motion of no confidence. If such a motion succeeded in the Reps then the GG would have to consider dissolving parliament and going to an immediate election.

That’s a lot of “ifs”.

The possible loss of the confidence of the house is what has FauxMo so terrified, it’s why he and his henchgoons are telling so many extraordinary lies. The government reeks of desperation.